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 AOR 19 1/2' X 3.5" Tree Trunk Protector / Tow Strap 18 TON

AOR 19 1/2' X 3.5" Tree Trunk Protector / Tow Strap 18 TON

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Part Number:TTP3.5X19.518T

AOR Tree Saver Straps are great for protecting your winch cable/rope, and the tree, from damage. The quick drying mildew resistant TTP3.5X19.518T is made of durable 3.5" double layer Industrial-grade polyester webbing which works extremely well while minimizing stretch. This strap has a tensile strength of almost 40,000 Lbs. making it Strong enough to pull some of the biggest of trucks out of situations. The AOR strap will get most any compromised vehicle free from being stuck….. and long enough to tow with!


Ideal for wrapping around trees (or other anchor points) and hooking your winch hook to, allowing you to get out of most positions when stuck. Simply wrap the strap around your anchor point. Use the winch on your vehicle and lock its hook into the eyes of the strap or an AOR Bow Shackle. The AOR straps have a reinforced high abrasion & weather resistant fabric that is laced around the eyes from being cut by barbs and imperfections of tow hooks and shackles.  This strap is truly built-to-last and makes a great addition to your recovery toolkit  


Product Specifications 

 Part Number                                             AORTTP3X19.518T                     












100% Polyester

Reinforced Eyes


Eye Protector Sleeves




Safety Warning:

• Winches can cause serious injury and/or death if proper safety measures are not taken. A full list of safety warnings and winch training instructions is beyond the scope of this listing, therefore this product is for sale to trained operators only. DO NOT USE this product if you are not completely trained in winch operation and safety. Never use for hoisting. Never use for moving people. When using a snatch block to increase pulling power, ensure that all components including the snatch block, rope/line, tools, and anchor points are rated to double your winch’s maximum power rating.



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